Thursday, August 29, 2013

some small town love.

The best text message ever:

"Could you volunteer for a massive Harry Potter event on 8/30 7 pm dressed as Professor Trelawney and 'reading' tea leaves??"

Why yes. Yes I can. (Pics to follow.)


Another excellent one:

"I miss u! Want to come over tonight and can pickles?"

Why yes. Yes I do.


And one more:

"Okay, I have to walk the dog and feed the chicken, and then I'll be ready to go."


"Grandpa Roy", an octogenarian who lives a few blocks from me, had a bunch of plants outside his house with a sign reading 'FREE!'. I stopped and knocked on the door and he ambled out and helped me choose lemonbalm, mint, bay leaves, and chives. He also made sure to pick me a bouquet of dahlias  from his flower garden because "You haven't gotten one this year yet, have you?".


Thank you for setting up my new shelves, neighbor and friend!!

(And thank you for giving me the gorgeous hardwood shelves, other friends!!)


If you stop by my house while biking to the grocery store for your mom
or walking with your children to the library,

I will gladly provide you with hugs, popsicles, a bathroom...

I will also put you to work watering.

Come over anytime :-)


Drying herbs in my kitchen.

Nicole hand-drew me beautiful labels for all of them.



Erica's knocking out her summer reading.

My favorite barista got married last month and invited all the regular customers (aka, half the town) to the wedding.
It was held on a berry farm nearby and was absolutely beautiful.


I lied. One more text. This actually may be a strong contender for best ever.

"Just a warning, my kids are hell bent on your destruction tomorrow. I have NO idea why. Just brace yourself. (Sorry!!!)"

"This was stated by them?"

"I think the words were, "Fight Emily! Fight! Fight! Fight!"

I tried a costume to diffuse the tension.
L opened the door glaring at me, but as soon as she saw the lei and the magic wand the game was up. Success!!


Walking down the street and running into friends driving through the bank...
they had just been blueberry picking and handed me a bag of fresh blueberries through the car window.




Some Maryland attempts were made recently to convince me that
"so sad how they are closing all the coffee shops and cutting down all the trees in Oregon!!".
Yeah, keep trying.

I love this town so much:


tonia said...

Well that was just the most delightful thing I've read in ages. You must have quite a gift, Emily, to draw such love and goodness around you from so many places. Wonderful, wonderful.

merey kay said...

I miss you. I love your light-filled home, and your new shelves are so great! I was going to comment on the shame post, but couldn't deny the brightness of this one.

I miss you. Let's hang out, okay?

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