Tuesday, October 2, 2012

.things that made me smile yesterday.

It was a full and long workday at my internship.
And full. And long.
And after the full and long 8 hours of clients/supervision,
there were three hours of giving an assessment.

At the end of the day I was exhausted, and not all the good kind.

So here are some things that made me smile today.


My day started off lovely:
I got to have a hot chocolate "girls date" with one of my favorite seven-year-olds
on our way to drop her off at school.

Faith was very excited that they put a gummy worm in her drink.
It was a joy to be with her.


Irene brought the kids and LUNCH and met me on my hour between clients.
We got to chat as we pushed toddlers on swings and ate chicken salad and pear.
Fed my body and my soul.
(When I think about the fact that that happened,
I actually feel kind of like a jerk for feeling so weary/crabby just a few hours later.)


Tamara called right when I had a free 15 minutes!
I love that girl so much...
and ten minutes on the phone with her was energy to love on an afternoon of clients.

And I especially enjoyed this sentence:
"I looked at the pictures of your house...
then I went out and bought a candle."

Yessss :-).


A card in the mail from Langdon
beginning "Dear Aunt Emily"
(and signed, "Peace, Langdon". Of course it was.)


Two voicemails from two separate Matts asking me to please change my outgoing message.
Special props go to Matty, who left me this:
(Singsong voice):
"Summer is oo-verrr,
time to make a neww message...
you would like to dooo thisss...


Another thing that made me smile: I did change my message.
(if you haven't called me since July, for the last three months it's been five different voices all listing five different things I may have been doing- Christine: "I might be camping in Colorado", Heather: "I might be doing a research project in Bolivia", Matt: "I might be in my best friend's wedding in Maryland", you get the idea...).
But, I did change it tonight.
So you should all call me and listen to it.*
It's SHORT (okay, everyone? okay?)
but it still makes me happy.
Not to be too self-satisfied or anything.


I woke to this text from my dad
in response to mine saying I had changed my voicemail:
"I'll miss it!"
Love him.


My mood-lifting plan for the evening involved a text to Nancy.
In all seriousness:
I do holistic.
I don't do work-sleep-repeat.
Even though I think my work is meaningful.
"Will you guys be home at 8:30?"
"Can your favorite 24 year old stop by?"
So after work I went straight there and interacted with people I love
as myself: not a professional.
Or a trying-to-be-professional (it's HARD, yall!).

She called before I stopped by to ask if I needed anything from the store
or if I was just coming to hang.

"If I don't come over, I'll just go home and go to bed,
and then have another long day tomorrow.
I need to remember I'm me and not just a psychologist."

She met me on the porch with a mug of hot chocolate and all of them ended up outside with us
as we talked and laughed about nothing for an hour.

I am so blessed.

Then I went home and felt 800% better.


I am back at work.
But it's all good.

Rock out Tuesday.


*I'm serious. Call right now. Text me beforehand if you don't want me to pick up. Extra points if you leave me love on my voicemail.

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