Tuesday, May 22, 2012

There's a Mary in my house!!!

 Thank GOD.

Oh, I just love this girl sooo freakin' much.

Look! It's Mary! In my room!
I like this one of her doing art. IN MY ROOM! Because she's here! In Oregon!
She's designing the front cover for Robby's middle-schoolers' spring band concert. CUTE, huh?

As the story goes,
we were such cute and close best friends in high school
that her mom said,
"Aw, you know, when you two are grown-up and married,
you'll just have to buy a duplex you can live in together."

We agreed that would be a great situation, except,
"...But won't the boys be lonely on their side?"

Well, there is something sparkly on her left hand as of a few weeks ago...
and what with my whole moving across the country thing,
it looks as though she and Robby may have to weather through the first year of marriage without me living with them.
Sorry, guys.
Robby, dry your tears. You can make it. :-)
(Click on the link on his name. The website opened:
Me: Look at that picture!
Mayr: I KNOW! What a stud, right?
I think it's good they're getting married.)

The traditional bosom friend photo spree goes west-coast. Sooo thankful for this beautiful girl.



Arslan Raxx said...

Nice Pictures........

joy.meeder said...

I love her too!! Y'all are so cute and great :)

Christina said...
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Christina said...

Whoops! I meant to say:

Are your books color-coded?

Looks like a fun visit!

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