Friday, May 6, 2011

She's mine and I'm not sharing (except with Allie).

I tore this clip from a magazine and keep it in my desk drawer at work:

"Science recently proved what most young women know instinctively: calling Mom can be the best solution to a bad day. Researchers studying girls at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that a mother's voice is as comforting as a hug, lowering levels of stress-inducing cortisol and triggering the production of oxytocin, also known as the 'love hormone'."

This morning, here's how using that info went:

I speed-dial my mom at about 9 AM.

Mom: Hi sweetie, good morning!

Me (no preemptive greetings such as, Hi, how are you, good morning, how was your flight to California last night, etc.): Can you please tell me I'm going to be okay in Oregon??

I am NOT exaggerating any of the following.

Mom: Oh Em, you're going to be SO okay! You're going to do GREAT!

Me: (Sniff, sniff) 'K.

Mom: You're SO capable. You're going to make SO many friends. You're going to have the BEST time, you're just going to love it. This is a GREAT program. And you're going to do SO well, you're SO smart and ready for this. You're going to have so much fun, and you'll just LOVE Portland. And you're just so beautiful and wonderful and intelligent and fantastic, I just KNOW you'll do great. It's absolutely the right decision. Great decision.

Me: (Sniff, sniff) 'K.

Mom: And you LOVE psychology. You're just going to LOVE having a grad degree. And you're going to find GREAT community, absolutely, because you're SO good at making friends and everyone you meet is going to love you. Absolutely. It's going to be wonderful. I'm SO proud of you.

Me: (Sniff, sniff) 'K.

Mom: And if not, you can always move back to Wheaton!

Me: (Sniff, sniff) 'K.

Mom: OK, sweetie?

Me: (Sniff, sniff) Uh-huh.

Mom: Aww... Em, you're just so wonderful.


All mine.

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Human Needs Global Resources Covenant, 2009

As fellow travelers on this journey, we commit to this covenant before God. Lord, in Your mercy, hear these our prayers:

When confronted with scarcity, need, and inadequacy, may we be nourished by the Bread of Life and the Cup of Salvation. Abundance overflows from Your table, sustaining all who come in faith. Father, help us.

When monotony blurs our vision and dulls our senses, may we encounter others as Christ did, through intentional presence in daily life, submitting as clay to be formed into vessels filled with the Spirit. Christ, guide us.

When wounded by the fractured condition of Your people, may we be united by Your Lordship in faith, hope, and love; seeing, as through the facets of a diamond, the beautiful spectrum of Your light reflected onto Your holy Church joined in praise. Spirit, empower us.

When all Creation groans, afflicted by injustice and driven to despair, may the promise of redemption root us in the hope of Your Kingdom: "Behold, I am making all things new!"

Holy Trinity, send us now into the world in peace, and grant us strength and courage to love and serve You with gladness and singleness of heart.