Tuesday, April 26, 2011

bless the day this restoration is complete.

"Much-Afraid," said the Shepherd again,
"tell Me, what is the matter. Why were you so fearful?"

"It is the way You have chosen for me to go," she whispered.
"It looks so dreadful, Shepherd, so impossible. I turn giddy and faint whenever I look at it. The roes and hinds can go there, but they are not limping, crippled, or cowardly like me."

"But, Much-Afraid, what did I promise you in the Valley of Humiliation?" asked the Shepherd with a smile.

Much-Afraid looked startled,
and the blood rushed into her cheeks and ebbed again, leaving them white as before.
"You said," she began and broke off and then began again.
"O Shepherd, You said You would make my feet like hinds' feet and set me upon mine High Places."

"Well," He answered cheerily, "the only way to develop hinds' feet is to go by the paths which the hinds use- like this one."

Much-Afraid trembled and looked at Him shamefacedly.
"I don't think- I want- hinds' feet,
if it means I have to go on a path like that,"
she said slowly and painfully.

The Shepherd was a very surprising person. Instead of looking either disappointed or disapproving, He actually laughed again.
"Oh, yes you do," He said cheerfully.
"I know you better than you know yourself, Much-Afraid. You want it very much indeed, and I promised you these hinds' feet."

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Human Needs Global Resources Covenant, 2009

As fellow travelers on this journey, we commit to this covenant before God. Lord, in Your mercy, hear these our prayers:

When confronted with scarcity, need, and inadequacy, may we be nourished by the Bread of Life and the Cup of Salvation. Abundance overflows from Your table, sustaining all who come in faith. Father, help us.

When monotony blurs our vision and dulls our senses, may we encounter others as Christ did, through intentional presence in daily life, submitting as clay to be formed into vessels filled with the Spirit. Christ, guide us.

When wounded by the fractured condition of Your people, may we be united by Your Lordship in faith, hope, and love; seeing, as through the facets of a diamond, the beautiful spectrum of Your light reflected onto Your holy Church joined in praise. Spirit, empower us.

When all Creation groans, afflicted by injustice and driven to despair, may the promise of redemption root us in the hope of Your Kingdom: "Behold, I am making all things new!"

Holy Trinity, send us now into the world in peace, and grant us strength and courage to love and serve You with gladness and singleness of heart.