Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bonjour, Good day, How is your family?

I'm putting together a Disney Princesses' Christmas puzzle with one of my two-year-olds. This girl is too smart, and she is very proud as she carefully sets each piece in place. When she finishes, she beams up at her parents and I, and we clap and coo and give her kisses- "Good job, Mariana!! You did it!! You are SO smart!!".

Next, we practice being able to name and find people!

"Mari, can you find Mamí?"

She grins and points to her mom. More clapping and cooing and kissing! Great job!

"And... where is Papí??"

She points to her dad!! Yay!! Happiness and smiles and hugs abound.

"And... where's Emily??"

She looks at me. Grins. Then looks at her Disney princess puzzle, cocks her head, looks back at me... then points to...


I meannn, I get that all the time.

The parents and I raise our eyebrows at each other and laugh agreeably, oh-ha-ha-how-cute. I play it cool, I mean, being compared to super hot Disney princesses is really all in a day's work. Isn't she smart, we pat her head affirmingly and continue...

"And Mariana... where are YOU??"

Oh, she is so smart, this girl! She grins at us widely now. She knows this game. She knows exactly who to point to!

My tiny little Mexican beauty flips aside her gorgeous dark pigtails, bats her big brown eyes, and points her olive-skinned finger at...



Oh, well. Even a (short-lived) comparison to a Disney princess wasn't as rewarding as the giggly hug I got around my knees when I walked in the door. I heart my job.

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Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

I love this! I love kids :)

And Belle is by far the superior disney princess.

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