Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fifteen things...

I am loving right now about life in this town...

"Everything that the Creator God does in forming us humans
is done in place.
It follows from this that
since we are His creatures
and can hardly escape the conditions of our making,
for us everything which has to do with God
is also in place.
All living is local:
this land, this neighborhood,
these trees and streets and houses,
this work, these people...

This place, this garden, is not utopia...
It is simply place, locale, geography, geology.
But it is also a good place,
because it provides the form
by which we can live
to the glory of God.

What we often consider to be the concerns of the spiritual life-
ideas, truths, prayers, promises, beliefs-
are never in the Christian gospel
permitted to have a life of their own apart from
particular persons and actual places."

-Eugene Peterson,

walking to work.

walking home.

sunday mornings.

dads who hear that my car is not working
and of their own volition come over to fix it.

(this actually made me choke up a little bit,
car stuff really stresses me out.)

first fridays of the month.

small town café.

running into buds as we all get coffee.

new babies.

(note the trolley car behind us... ?!) 

gardens popping up.

the produce stand is back open!!!!


being greeted at the door by a dinosaur.

it makes my heart so happy that they will randomly still wear the costumes i sewed.

beautiful middle-schoolers.

teenage artist making my kitchen awesome.

friends who respond to
"making extra brunch, come over!" texts
on a saturday morning.

oregon skies every day.


cori haughery said...

Oh my gosh!!!! that is CRAZY! lol...what are the chances? that is really cool actually. glad you enjoyed the book as much as me! i want to cut every page out and hang it on my wall... (if only it wasn't a library book)

i like this post. and i can totally identify about car problems stressing you out!!

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