Thursday, June 21, 2012


(Is going to kill me for this post.)

Sometimes I save his one-liners off of gchat. Enjoy the magic of friendship with my favorite computer-scientist.


Me: I'm becoming a nun.
Chet: That's what girls always say until they meet me.

(He curses. I respond with, to be honest, impressed surprise.)
 Chet:  I knew you'd appreciate my turn of language
Chet:  these projects have made it more....colorful.

Chet (about a poster he was working on): It looks pretty sexy. If you think distributed computer systems are sexy.
(He later emails it to me, with the subject line: "Hot, right?").

Chet: I pride myself in having MORE of an eye for design than the average engineer... which is not saying much.


me: comparison is the thief of joy. 
Chet: except if you're on top.

Chet:  emily, i'm trying to work on a project thats due at 7
I can't let you probe too much now
Chet:  you overanalyze (have we talked about this?)

(I start the conversation with:)
me: jesus spoke to me today
it was sweet
gotta run though
Chet: how?
thanks a lot... tell me god spoke to you then run away
Chet: yes, you have to buy tickets RIGHT NOW!!!!
you need to breaaaaatthe

(On whether or not pinterest is solely for women:)
Chet: Have you seen my pins?
Chet: Pure masculinity.
me: "Jesus did not die and rise for you so that you would stress out about whether you're being spiritual enough."
Chet: Word!
Chet you are excellent at many things.
though I do I hope whoever you marry will help fill the 'calm' role.

me (in regards to when in july we should go camping): so what are you thinking for dates?
Chet: still single
me: hilarious.
Chet: I was thinking dinner and a movie
me: mmhmm.

Chet:  so we pranked the girls house again
(I told you about the chicken, right?)
 me:  um
 Chet:  Ok well last semester we put a rooster in their house at 4am
and it did its thing in the morning
and woke everyone up
where the freak did you get a rooster
 Chet:  some person on craigslist was selling it because it was biting the children


Email with the subject line: "This reminded me of us."

(Remember last year?)
 Email to our friends:
"I got to see Em briefly this week.  Not much has changed (see attached)."
with this picture:

(While it was being taken: "Oohhkay... Are you seriously making that face? Do you know how many pictures I have of you making that face... unbelievable.")

I am so glad I am friends with this kid.

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Tomy De said...

Random person here. I thought this was really funny and wanted to post this. Blogging is new to me so I'm just going with the flow. You and Chet seem to have a great relationship. I hope to have friends like that someday.

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