Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Run with the Ramsings.

The parental units of my lovely second family and I headed to Baltimore at a crazy early hour yesterday for the annual Celtic Solstice five mile race.
(So, if you kind of cut corners on training because you're studying for finals, and then getting to and from the car adds a total of four miles, and you do a five mile run... your knees hurt the next day.
Just fyi.)

It was a really, really, really fun day.

I wanted to make sure I was taken seriously, so I dressed for the part.

(Everyone around me was probably intimidated, right?)

 If I could just get these two to lighten up every once in awhile...

Yay us!!

Love Christmas, love running, love making memories, love them.


Leslie said...

Love this.

Cass said...

I want those socks. I am so happy you ran in those!!!

I also think it's cool you ran. My vacation has pretty much been all about baking, baking, and more baking.

Now excuse me while I go check on my banana cream pie :)

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